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Appalachian Men’s Detention Center

Virginia Department of Corrections

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Send Money Rates
$ 0.00 - 20.00     $2.95  
$ 20.01 - 100.00     $5.95  
$ 100.01 - 200.00     $7.95  
$ 200.01 - 300.00     $9.95  
By Phone
$ 0.00 - 20.00     $3.95  
$ 20.01 - 100.00     $6.95  
$ 100.01 - 200.00     $8.95  
$ 200.01 - 300.00     $10.95  
Delivery Timing**
If you send money on Inmate can spend on
Before 11:59 PM EST Monday Wedn...
Before 11:59 PM EST Tuesday Thursday
Before 11:59 PM EST Wedn... Monday
Before 11:59 PM EST Thursday Monday
Before 11:59 PM EST Friday Monday

All payments made Monday through Thursday* will be received by the Prison the following morning.
All payments made Friday through Sunday* will be received by the Prison Monday morning.
Once the prison receives the money, the inmates’ accounts are updated anytime between that same day, or as long as two business days later, all depending on that facility’s procedures.

When an inmate is transferred between Virginia State facilities, the inmate will still receive his funds according to the schedule above.
To find out when a payment will be credited to the inmates account please contact the VADOC.

*Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday not including legal holidays or a day on which government institutions are authorized or required by law or regulation to close.

**Please note, payment availability is subject to depositor validation in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Videogram Fees
Videogram Fee
# of stamps 1
Video Visitation Fees
Video Fee
30 Min $ 12.50
Phone Time Fee

Fees for funding debit account and for buying Friends and Family AdvanceConnect phone time.
All credit/debit card transactions are limited to $100.00.

*MoneyGram payments are limited to $1,000.00

Physical Address:


924 Clifton Farm Rd
Honaker, VA, 24260

(276) 889-7671