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Visiting Application

The easy way to submit your application

When you want to see your loved one in person, you want the Jpay Video Connect application process to be as easy and quick as possible. With JPay, you can save time by completing and submitting your application for Jpay Video Connect online.

The Jpay Video Connect Application is the convenient way to submit your required information to the corrections agency ahead of your in-person visit.

JPay account

A JPay account is required to submit an online Jpay Video Connect application. If you already have an account, log in and select your loved one in an Indiana facility. If you don’t have an account, start the sign up process by entering an Incarcerated Individual ID in the search box on the right.

In-person visits

Nothing means more to you or your loved one than an in-person visit. Get your Jpay Video Connect application in on time and conveniently with JPay’s online system.

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Visiting Application