About VideoGrams

You can create VideoGrams and send and if facility allows receive from your contact. A VideoGram is a recording Filemd and sent from the JPay app on your smartphone. The VideoGram is limited to 30 seconds in duration.

To create a VideoGram

  1. When creating an email, on the Compose page, click Record Video.
  2. In the VideoGram Room, click the Record button to record your VideoGram.
  3. A pop-up will open asking you to allow the system to take control of your web camera and microphone. Click Allow. The recording will begin.

You may click the Pause button to pause or stop the recording before the time limit expires.

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  1. When you are done recording the VideoGram, click Attach.

Note: Once you are done recording the VideoGram you can review it using the Review button.


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