Printed email vs. electronic

When sending email to an inmate/offender, your email may be received in printed or electronic format.

Printed reception

Some facilities do not have the equipment for delivering your emails electronically. Instead your email is received by the facility and then it is printed and handed to the inmate/offender the same way they would receive traditional hard copy mail.

If the facility has the ability to scan a reply from the inmate/offender into a pdf then you can pre-pay for a reply. The inmate/offender will be given paper to write the reply which will then be scanned into a pdf and sent to you as a reply email.

If the facility does not have the ability to scan a reply from the inmate/offender they will have to send their reply through snail mail.

Electronic reception

Electronic emails are received by the inmate/offender via a kiosk for those facilities that have inmate/offender kiosks. The inmate/offender will reply to you using the kiosk without the need to print or scan any document. In most states with inmate/offender kiosks, you can also include a pre-paid reply.