Sending email

Once you have purchased stamps you can send emails to the incarcerated individual you want. Your emails will be delivered in one or two business days but never on weekends or holidays.

Things to remember

To send email

  1. On the JPay home page, on the Navigation menu, click Email.

  1. On the Compose page, enter the content for your email.
  2. You can then attach one of the following:
  1. Click Send to send your email. If you do not see the Send button then you have not bought enough stamps for the email you want to send.

Before you send your email you may preview it by clicking on the Preview button. This shows your email as a pdf.

Note: You can pre-pay a reply for the incarcerated individual by selecting the Include a pre-paid reply for the Incarcerated individual checkbox. This selection will send one stamp to the incarcerated individual that they may use to reply to you.


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