Sending money FAQ

What is Send Money?
How do I send money to an incarcerated individual through JPay?
How do I make a community correction payment through JPay?
How can I send money or make a payment by phone?
Can I send money to more than one incarcerated individual?
What is a transfer category?
What is a payment category?
What is a commissary or spendable account?
What is the Transaction ID or Confirmation number?
My transaction said it will be processed at a later time. Why?
When will the incarcerated individual receive the funds I’ve sent?
When will the agency receive my community corrections payment?
How do I check on the status of my payment?
Why is my payment pending?
How do I cancel a transaction?
Can I see the incarcerated individual's bank account balance?
Will the incarcerated individual know who sent him/her the funds?
How can I send money or make a payment using cash?
Do I get a receipt?
Can I get a document with all the transactions I’ve sent?
Do I have to go through this process every time I need to send money or make a payment?
I made a payment to a wrong incarcerated individual online, can I get my money back?
I used the wrong debit/credit card for my payment, can I cancel the transaction?
I sent a MoneyGram to an incarcerated individual but he still does not have the money, can I get my money back?
I was told the incarcerated individual I am trying to send money to is blocked by payments via debit/credit card, what options are available?
My incarcerated individual was released after I sent money, where did the money go?
My incarcerated individual is showing as restricted/blocked, what does that mean?
Will I be notified if my recurring payment schedule has failed?