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Sending Money with Cash

JPay partners exclusively with MoneyGram to provide you with a wide array of options and locations to make your cash payment. When you need to send money to an incarcerated individual, or when you need to make a community corrections payment, JPay and MoneyGram help you make your cash transactions quick and easy.


JPay’s partnership with MoneyGram means that you can make a cash payment at more than 27,000 MoneyGram agent locations in the United States at retail centers in your neighborhood like Walmart and CVS/pharmacy. Each MoneyGram agent is equipped with a list of JPay receive codes, to make sure the cash you send gets where it’s supposed to go.

Send Money from a MoneyGram Location

  1. Find a MoneyGram location
  2. Visit your MoneyGram location. Remember to bring valid personal identification, such as a driver’s license.
  3. Complete the blue ExpressPayment service form, including the appropriate receive code and account number (the account number is the inmate ID# plus the incarcerated's last name, no spaces). Hand the form to the MoneyGram agent along with the money you want to send plus the transfer fee.
  4. You will receive a reference number. Keep this for future reference.
  5. Payments and Money Transfers post to the facility the next business day, or sooner.

Payments by

AgencyReceive Code
3M Electronic Monitoring FL 1246
Arizona DOC Inmate Deposits1237
Arizona Community Supervision1241
Audrain County Sheriff's Office9757
Butler County Adult Probation1288
California CDCR Trust Payments6141
California CDCR Temporary Community Leave1280
California CDCR Inmate Restitution1282
California CDCR Family Overnight Visits1379
Colorado DOC6556
Colorado Parole6187
Connecticut DOC1222
Dakota Women's Correctional and Rehabilitation Center7277
Florida COPS5385
Florida DOC5188
Gadsden Correctional Facility9744
Georgia DOC6857
Georgia Probation6901
Hamilton County Alternative Sentencing (Probation Supervision) 1368
Hamilton County Alternative Sentencing (ALC MON/GPS/REM Breathe)1369
Hamilton County Alternative Sentencing (Fines and Court Costs)1370
Hamilton County Alternative Sentencing (Court Community Service)1371
Hamilton County Alternative Sentencing (Victim Restitution)1373
Illinois DOC7364
Indiana DOC6142
Iowa DOC6185
Kansas DOC6577
Kentucky Adult Institutions1232
Kentucky Drug1229
Kentucky Sex Offender Treatement Payments1283
Livingston Parish Detention Center6492
Louisiana DOC8714
Mesa Verde Detention Facility1292
Milwaukee House of Correction7279
Milwaukee County Jail1300
Minnesota Department of Corrections1279
Mississippi DOC Community Corrections1204
Missouri DOC2439
Moshannon Valley Correctional Institution7692
Muscogee County Prison1289
NC Department of Public Safety1224
NC Interstate Compact Payments1263
Nebraska Department of Correctional Services1316
New Jersey DOC1233
New York City DOC5946
North Dakota Department of Corrections1304
NYS Community Supervision1299
NYS DOCCS Inmate Services1317
Oklahoma DOC6365
Oregon DOC7813
Pasco County Sheriff's Office6184
Pennsylvania DOC3209
Rhode Island DOC5558
Securus Prepaid7335
Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office9769
Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office9750
Texas DOC (TDCJ)3570
Texas DOC (TDCJ) Phone Debit7334
Tennessee DOC6188
Tennessee Community Corrections1195
Thomas County Prison1294
Virginia DOC5189
Washington State Cost Of Supervision6191
Washington DOC Spendable7949
Washington DOC Funeral8260
Washington DOC Medical8261
Washington DOC Postage8262
Washington DOC Education8263
Washington State Interstate Compact 6194

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